1. Can I sell my own 3d-models and textures on 3dfurnituregallery.com as well?

Unfortunately, no.

Contrary to websites like https://blendermarket.com, https://turbosquid.com or https://cgtrader.com, 3dfurnituregallery.com isn’t an open 3d-marketplace.

1. Can I sell my own 3d-models and textures on 3dfurnituregallery.com as well?

Unfortunately, no.

Contrary to websites like https://blendermarket.com, https://turbosquid.com or https://cgtrader.com, 3dfurnituregallery.com isn’t an open 3d-marketplace.

2. Is it possible to order a product as a real, tangible piece of furniture?

That depends on the model, the quantity you need and your location. Some models on 3dfurnituregallery.com are purely artistic designs and only exist in “the cloud”. Other models though are exact representations or replicas of real furniture, some of which can be purchased for professional purposes (at Pure Furniture and Pure Black Label) or privately (at Depot 23). Feel free to browse their websites to see what they have to offer and contact them if you have any questions.

3. How frequently will the collection be updated with new models or finishes?

3D Furniture Gallery just launched, and already you’re craving for more? Or, you like what you see, but can’t find something that suits your needs? Whatever the case may be, you can definitely expect multiple product-updates in the coming months, while simultaneously we shall be working on polishing out all imperfections in our website and it’s processes.

If you want to be the first to hear about any updates to the collection, please subscribe to our newsletter here.

4. I’m in need of someone with your skill for a 3d- or design-project, can I hire you?

You can always inquire about anything, and we’ll see if there is a way that we can help each other. You can get in touch through our contact page or by sending an e-mail directly to info@3dfurnituregallery.com


1. Which software do I need to be able to use your models and finishes?

All models and finishes on 3dfurnituregallery.com are made in- and designed to be used with Blender and specifically Cycles. 3D models are provided in the native Blender file format (.blend) and every finish comes with a .blend file from which you can ‘append’ the ‘material’ directly into your own blender scene. 

If you’re handy, you can use Blender to export our 3D models as (for example) OBJ or FBX files and with some tweaking and adjusting, get them to work on the 3D software of your own preference. However, this file-tweaking for other software is beyond our expertise, therefore we’re unable to offer you any support in this endevor.

2. I want to import a model or material into a Blender scene I already have, how do I do this?

When you are in Blender and you have the scene you want to import a model or material into opened, go to

File > Append

This action should pop up a Blender file viewer, in which you have to locate the desired .Blend file. After you have located the .Blend file, open it and select the “Object” folder to be able to import the desired objects (including the materials that these objects come with) or select the “Material” folder to select specific materials.

If for some reason you can’t see these folders, try switching on and off the different filters- and/or blender ID toggles (these toggles are located in the upper right corner of the Blender file viewer). In some cases the toggles that are necessary to view the right files or folders are turned off by default.

3. Help! My new model/material is purple!?

In Blender, when your viewport is set to “material preview” or “rendered” mode, it (shouldn’t, but it) can happen that your mesh appears to be bright purple. This means that one or more texture-nodes from the “purple” material has lost its link to the original texture-file, either because the texture-file is not in the location that Blender thinks it should be, or the name of the texture file is different than what Blender thinks it is. When the names of the texture files in your Windows/Mac file-browser are exactly the same as the names of the files in your Blender texture-node, all problems should disappear after executing the following function within Blender:

File > External Data > Find Missing Files (after which you have to select the folder in which all correctly named texture-files are located)

4. What type of material workflow is used?

That depends on the material. Most metal, but all leather materials from 3dfurnituregallery.com are based on texture maps from Poliigon.com.  Not all original texture-maps are used however and some maps are node-tweaked for a more desireable result. Some metal materials are procedural and don’t use any texture-files at all.

Our own finishes (for wood) are a little different; in most cases the material is made from three different maps: color, non-color and normal. The “color map” gives a realistic representation of the color/finish of the wood, the “non-color map” is used to replicate how shiny/reflective/rough and bumpy the wood is and the “normal” map adds even more realistic depth to the surface of some finishes.


1. What am I allowed to do with your models and textures, and what not?

As long as you act according to the following rules, you do not need to pay us any royalties and you do not need to mention us as the source of your models and/or textures. However, if you do wish to mention us anywhere (in a positive manner, of course), you will not hear us complaining about it anytime soon.

1. You are NOT allowed to resell or redistribute (in any way) any of our products, directly or indirectly; this includes parts of a product and/or modified (parts of) products, even when modified beyond recognition.

2. You are NOT allowed to incorporate any of our products (including parts and/or modifications) into a logo or trademark of any kind (that would be copyright-ception).

3. You ARE allowed to (modify and) use our models and textures for any personal, professional and/or educational purpose, as long as rules 1 and 2 are not violated.

For example: You’re a interior-designer and use models and/or textures from 3D Furniture Gallery to decorate a interior designed by you, the renderings from which you present to your client to convice them of your designing skills.

4. Some of our products contain textures from Poliigon. Textures from Poliigon.com may not be redistributed in any way, please see their terms & conditions for more information.

2. I’m a carpenter/furniture maker. Can I turn your 3d models into real furniture and sell these?

No, that would be in violation of rule number 1 (see above). If you are truly interested in producing and selling real pieces of furniture based on (one of) our 3d models, please get in touch with us at info@3dfurnituregallery.com.


1. Does 3d furniture gallery work with a credits-system or subscription-plan?

Some marketplaces for 3d models and textures offer something like monthly or yearly subscriptions and use a credits-system: you receive a certain amount of credits every month which you can spend on the assets you want. In other cases your subscription gives you access to assets that can’t be obtained otherwise or give you a discount on selected assets. 

3D Furniture Gallery works like an ordinary (online) shop, plain and simple: every product has a price (displayed in euro’s), some things are more expensive than others, some are cheaper, you pay the price, you receive the product.

2. I want to buy multiple items, can I get a discount?

We believe that our models and textures are (already) very low cost, meaning: for the amount of money you pay, you can save a huge amount of time and receive a product of exceptional quality. Buying multiple items stacks these benefits even more, therefore we see no reason for a (bulk-)discount.

3. I want to make a purchase, but I think I’ll wait for the product to go on sale.

Discounts and sales can lead to unwanted situations. Although in favor of most, a sale or discount always leaves some customers unhappy; those who had purchased the product for its ‘original’ price. We want all our customers to be happy and remain so, therefore there won’t be any sales in the near future that you have to wait for or worry about.

4. Do the listed prices include VAT?

No, the prices you see at our product-pages do not include VAT. VAT (21%) will be automatically calculated in your cart.

Payment and Purchases

1. How long/often can you download a product that you have purchased?

After purchasing a model or finish, you will receive a link from which you can download what you’ve purchased. This link will not expire.

2. All prices shown are in Euro’s (€), but I’d rather pay with my native currency.

That’s ok! All major (and some minor) currencies are supported. If you use PayPal, then PayPal will guide you through the process of choosing the preferred currency. If you use any of the other payment methods and choose a different currency, our payment service provider automatically converts the currencies following the live market rates.

3. Can I check-out with my Credit Card or PayPal?

Yes you can! At the moment we support the following methods of payment:

  • PayPal
  • iDEAL
  • Bancontact
  • Giropay
  • Visa (CC)
  • MasterCard (CC)
  • American Expres (CC)
  • V Pay (DC)
  • Maestro (DC)

4. What is 3d furniture gallery’s refund policy

We want you to be happy with your purchase and will therefore always try to resolve any problems that you might experience with a product of ours. Our product-pages show a lot of information about the item you might be interested in (software compatibility, texture sizes, polygon numbers, what is and isn’t included, etc.) to make sure you’re not completely in the dark about your possible purchase.

That being said, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for when a product is faulty or you’ve made an accidental purchase.

5. How do I request a refund?

If you want to receive a refund for a purchase you’ve made, e-mail us at support@3dfurnituregallery.com and kindly provide us with the following information:

  • The order number or invoice ID
  • The product you would like to have refunded
  • A description of the problem you’ve encountered (if possible/preferably with screenshots)

After receiving your request, you can always expect a reply from us within three business days.

In the (highly unlikely) case of a faulty product, our primary intention will be to help you by fixing the actual product, so we can deliver you (and possibly others) the product that you initially wanted to have. 

In the actual case of a refund, you are legally bound to destroy all copies of purchased product-files without any right to keep or use them in the future.

6. I live outside the European Union (EU) and I can’t seem to make a purchase, what’s going on?

3D Furniture Gallery is located in The Netherlands, which is part of the European Union. On the Dutch governmental website there is only unclear documentation concerning the rules and terms on VAT for a digital e-commerce company that wants to sell its digital products outside of the EU. So… we are currently working hard on investigating this issue and hope to open our doors to the rest of the world as soon as possible!